Phrogram has left the building.

Goodbye Phrogram!

If you are at this website, you may be wondering what happened! Phrogram was one of those rare things, an honest, straightforward effort to de-mystify learning real programming. It was retired in July 2015 and this is the new website replacing the site supporting its business.

Phrogram was a labor of love for many years, reaching back into the early "KPL" days - which stood for Kids Programming Language, first released in late 2005 and community-supported through localized versions of its website and help files.

Phrogram officially launched on October 1, 2006. The business model changed from "give KPL away" to try to get people to realize the value of educational software designed to teach real programming. For awhile, at least almost, that effort looked promising, as several schools and universities licensed Phrogram for the classroom.

Unfortunately, the "ROI" on Phrogram could not sustain the effort that it required. The team gradually grew smaller, until only one guy was "left standing," keeping it going without any upgrades in the product since 2010.

Now Phrogram lands here. Look for occasional improvements and updates to this website, including downloads of some of our favorite Phrogram programs from over the years we were up and running.

Thanks to all who programmed with Phrogram. You made it all worthwhile!

If you would like more information about Phrogram, or may want to acquire rights in the code base, or the entire Phrogram project, contact me, the last guy standing, at phrogsoft @ gmailcom.